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The GrowIn Platform

GrowIn’s proprietary design and open-source mentality take the indoor farming industry forward. From the mechanical design of the system through monitoring every plant in every step, GrowIn is paving the way for constant growth and development for decades to come.

From seed to harvest

The journey of each seed begins in the nursery. The seed’s environment is closely monitored and controlled. The seeds germinate and turn into beautiful seedlings.

The seedlings are transferred into the growing unit. Each plant enjoys exactly the same environmental conditions. We closely monitor each plant through its growth until harvesting time.

GrowIn’s unique symmetrical and modular design enables the largest variety of indoor crops.

The platform supports long roots and allows for a range of temperature, illumination spectra, humidity and nutrients.

The specialized growing protocols leverage the precision control to efficiently grow a large variety of crops.

Identical environmental conditions =>highly uniform crops
Vertical growing=>efficient land use (350 plants/sqm)
Soil-less Aeroponic growing in clean rooms=>pesticide free
Close loop water management=>1% water consumption

Designed for AI

The world’s largest indoor growing dataset

The GrowIn platform is AI ready from the grounds up. The system is equipped with multiple sensors, monitoring every aspect of the system and every part of the plant’s life cycle. GrowIn is building the world’s largest indoor growing dataset.

With every additional customer, additional information is added to the dataset. Our agronomists, data scientist and machine learning models will leverage this vast dataset to develop increasingly efficient growing protocols. The GrowIn platform will allow every partner to enjoy the best growing protocols as soon as they become available!

Robotics ready 

GrowIn’s system architecture is ready for full automation. Our robots will care for the crop from planting in the nursery through trimming and harvesting.

With labor cost being almost 50% of the farming operational costs, every additional robotic capability will have dramatic impact on our grower’s bottom line.

Cloud Controlled

GrowIn’s platform integrates every single facility into its cloud. A grower can monitor their facility from anywhere. Responding to critical event, observing progress through the facility and updating new protocols — every aspect of the system can be managed remotely.